Historic Tours by day,
Pub Crawls by night.

Get your friends, family and co-workers together and see what Fredericksburg has to offer you .

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Fredericksburg’s most unique way to tour

Come ride with us! Our new Pedal Bike offers a truly unique way to enjoy touring Historic Downtown Fredericksburg. Grab your friends and family and take a seat, our bike seats 15 patrons! Join us for our Historic tours by day, and Pub Crawls by night.

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We are proud to introduce a unique and interactive way to tour our favorite historic city. We want to bring groups of locals and visitors an exciting and engaging experience that fully complements the atmosphere and whimsy of Downtown Fredericksburg.


Enjoy learning about Downtown Fredericksburg’s rich history. Tour locations change, so you’ll learn something new each time you ride!


Fredericksburg's most fun way to safely travel between our Legendary pubs. Bring your friends, or make some new ones!

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